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Poetry Prizes $800, annually

The International Reuben Rose Memorial Poetry Competition

This international competition is in memory of Reuben Rose (1921-1989), former Editor and one of the founding members of Voices Israel. Reuben Rose believed in encouraging new poets and helping as many people as possible to enjoy the language of poetry. Together with the request for submissions for the Voices 2009 anthology we are launching our 20th international Reuben Rose Poetry contest.

What would you like to know?

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About the judging, prizes and other info...

About the judging: Anonymously by our next judge for the 20th. Reuben Rose Poetry Contest He is the poet John B. Lee. In 2005 John B. Lee was inducted as Poet Laureate of Brantford in perpetuity, and was named Honorary Life Member of The Canadian Poetry Association. He is a recipient of over sixty prestigious international awards for his writing, including the winner of the $10,000 CBC Literary Award for Poetry.
He has well-over fifty books published to date and is the editor of seven anthologies including two best-selling works:  His work has been translated into French, Spanish, Korean, Hungarian and Chinese and his work is read in nations all over the world. He has received letters of praise from Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Australian Poet, Les Murray, and Senator Romeo Dallaire.  He has been called "the greatest living poet in English," by poet George Whipple. John B. Lee lives in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada where he works as a full time author.

Prizes: First Prize US$500; Second Prize US$200; Third Prize US$100;  Honorable Mentions.

Notification: Personally, to winners only. The results will be announced by end-November. Results are also published in the Voices Israel monthly Newsletter. Winning poems are collated as a group and distributed with the annual Voices Israel anthology.

A public reading of the poems is held in Israel at a special evening devoted to poetry.
The evening will be in Israel in December of the year of the competition. The judge opens the evening with a short lecture and readings. This is followed by the poets of the winning and commended poems reading their poems. However, overseas poets are not reimbursed for any costs involved if they themselves wish to be present at such an evening.

WORKSHOP: The judge usually visits Israel around year's end, and leads a workshop, held in the center of the country. 

Submission Rules

Poetry Format & Content:

  • The competition is general and not necessarily on Jewish or Israeli subjects.
  • Challenging, humorous and/or curious poetry is welcome.
  • Poems should be unpublished, no more than 40 lines, submitted in duplicate, as follows:
    • One copy should have NO identifying information
    • One copy should have your name and address written on it
  • Enclose a cover letter providing the name(s) of the poem(s) submitted, with your full name, address, and phone number.

Poems are judged anonymously; none will be returned. You may enter as many poems as you wish (payment quoted is for each poem!).

Please note that poems arriving after the Closing Date are automatically entered into the next year's contest. Poems are thus never 'lost'.  

Deadline:    Competition poems must be received by 7th. October, 2009.

Cost:    15 NIS per poem; US$5.00 per poem; or 3 pounds UK ()  per poem; or 4 Euros () per poem.
             (these currencies only, payment by cash or check).

Receipt of your poems is acknowledged if accompanied by S.A.S.E. or three stamped IRCs.

Submit your competition poetry to...

Voices Israel (Poetry Competition)
J. Dicks
POB 236
Kiriat Ata

(please make checks payable to Voices Israel).

Please note that you are encouraged to enter four poems for our annual anthology. The same poems may be entered for both the poetry competition and the Annual Anthology.
For details, please link to the Anthology page by clicking here.

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